Guest quarter entrance
Guest view port side
Wood burning stove
Guest area starboard view
Guest bedroom
Guest bedroom stern
Guest bedroom port side view
Head and shower
Head and washbasin
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Guest Accommodation

We have tried to keep the guest quarters as close to the original design as possible. The only exception was the sleeping area that was originally split into two sections; one side for the skipper (port) and his wife and the other side (starboard) with bunk beds for the children.

The cupboards, bookcase, sides, ceiling and kitchen are newly made based on the original drawings and based on evidence found during the restoration.

The windows now match what was originally installed. This change necessitated replacing the steel work (already rotten in places) and using the outline tracks found on the old steel to estimate the size and placement of the windows.

Rotten window section

Having to replace the steel sides made the choice to go back to four windows a side, a bit easier

New windows

Bottom-hinged and can be replaced by a fly screen for hot weather

Exposed port side window

Sad and exciting at the same time