Wheelhouse steps
Wheelhouse dismantled
New steel sides
Cargo sides cut down
New entrance
New side railings
Window shutter runners
Scania DSi11
Old electrical systems
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This page gives access to various photo galleries showing the various activities performed during the conversion and restoration process

Just before we began

This gives a photo record of how Nova Cura looked when we started the purchase process

Cargo hold conversion

These photos try to give a record of all the work that was performed on the cargo hold in order to convert it into our home as well as trying to be true to the historical record

Stern conversion

Record of the work done on the wheelhouse and on the stern windows.

Stern woodwork

Once the steel work was completed, we then renovated the Roof (skipper’s quarters and the wheelhouse. These photos show the dismantling and the rebuild

Cargo hold wood work

These photos show how the interior of the hold was created. Many photos are of poor quality, due to lighting, but it is possible to understand the insulation concept and build process used


These photos show some of the important infrastructure components on the ship