We would like to thank the following companies for their professional services and wonderfull advice.

Special personal thanks are due to….

Wilbert Buitendijk

Het Anker: Steel work renovation and conversion. Ongoing ships maintenance. Also , excellent advice and simple and honest approach to getting things done

Paulûs van der Jagt

Detailed smithy work: Stairs, entrance way, railings, davit and many other fine metal details

Howard Goddard

A very supportive brother, who never said ‘I told you so…’

Thanks Bro…. your help, advice and ideas helped to avoid many pitfalls. Pity we could have not done more together

Rinus de Bruin

A very knowledgable, informative, experienced and kind instructor who can demystify the laws and good practice of the Dutch waterways

Tim Peel

Expert help in maintaining the interior and exterior paint and for keeping the exterior woodwork in excellent shape

Niko Hoogstad

Master craftsman for all wood related matters. Thoughtful, pragmatic and professional

Johan van der Wal

Took over the original work electrical work from 2004 onwards. Provides sterling support and advice for everything that is electrical

Arie van Loenen

A posthumous thanks must go to Arie for providing the all of the conversion woodwork activities. We could not have done this project without his skills and professionalism (and those of Henk).