2020 Work Activities

Varnishing the mast
It was a hot day
New canvas (starboard side view)
New canvas cover
New canvas cover (port side view)
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Work Done in the Summer of 2020

At the start of the year we had to move Nova Cura to a new temporary location because our old location was over two city heating pipes that had to be replaced.

Luckily the harbour office could place us in a nice sunny location in the middle of the city (Wijnhaven) for the summer season. Since we could not easily travel, we then decided to work on the ship, as below:

  • Repainted the three vertical stacks (main engine exhaust, CV boiler exhaust and engine room air intake)
  • Replaced CV boiler exhaust outlet (H piece)
  • Repainted cargo sides and deck walk-ways
  • Repainted external sides (top)
  • Repainted name board davits
  • Repainted wooden cargo covers
  • Repainted the stern davit
  • Added a one-piece canvas cover to protect the wooden hatches. Dekkleed supplied by Den Boer Sails
  • Repainted wheel house roof
  • Repainted aerial mast
  • Revarnished the foredeck mast
  • Repainted bolderkasts
  • Repainted foredeck engine room hatch
  • Repainted stern quarter
  • Replaced the old wood burning stove with a Nordic Fire Stlyo (pellet burning stove)

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